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Chartered Surveyors
Your home is the most expensive thing that you are ever likely to buy.

Are you sure that you are not buying a problem ?

Let a qualified and experienced Chartered Surveyor share with you the benefit of their years of assessing the condition of residential property.

The RICS HomeBuyer Report

Suitable for straightforward homes built within the last 100 years. This report is the choice of most homebuyers.

After an examination of all readily visible surfaces, a Chartered Surveyor then prepares a concise report detailing the matters that they consider require urgent attention or are likely to be significant in a decision to purchase.

This report does not detail minor repairs or decorative matters, but deals with the important items that will affect your decision to purchase.

Building Condition Survey

A detailed inspection and report on the structure of a building.

This report identifies the visual defects, advises on the quality of the constructions and draws to your attention the maintenance and repair items that will effect you.

As the report can be tailored to meet specific requirements, this report is ideal for the large or unusual property, of any age.

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